How Should Rationalists Approach Death

While I certainly agree with a lot of what Yudkowsky has to say (being angry about death and not needing to find a comforting explanation for example), I do wonder if cryogenics is really an optimal solution. This may seem like a whimsical opposition but I would honestly be worried about who would maintain control of my cryogenically frozen body given that it is impossible to know how long it will take before I could feasibly be thawed out. Say I was Fry from Futurama and I was preserved for 1000 years, who’s to say my body isn’t going to be in the hands of some nefarious person or organisation? I feel like there’s definitely a novel that could be written about the possibility of a dystopian future where some crazed lunatic has gained control of the bodies of everyone who elected to be frozen and then reanimates them into a manufactured version of Hell.


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