LCD Soundsystem – “All My Friends”

This is definitely one of the defining songs of James Murphy’s career, being named as the best track of 2007 by multiple websites and music blogs. The piano kicks in instantly, playing pounding, repetitive chords that continue throughout the song. The bass and the drums are just as simplistic but this lends a hypnotic quality to the song and ensures that we’re already entranced by the time we hear the vocals. (On the subject of the vocals, I absolutely love the lyrics in this song. More dance tracks with similarly enunciated, meaningful lyrics please!).

I invariably get goosebumps during the last two minutes. It’s anthemic enough that calling it sad or melancholy doesn’t sit quite right but then again, why can’t melancholic songs be anthems? Every night out has a morning after and no song encapsulates the feeling of both so well.

I originally posted the official video but then I changed it to the version from their final live show because I think that maximises the poignancy of the lyrics. I particularly love the people singing in the front row  near the end of the clip.


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