New Music Recommendations 11/07/2016

  1. LSD by Jamila Woods featuring Chance the Rapper
    Jamila Woods has featured on a few of Chance’s songs, most memorably ‘Sunday Candy’. Her new album comes out today and this song certainly has me excited for it. Plus I will always share anything that involves Chancellor Bennett.
  2. Sampha – “Plastic 100°C” (Live Performance)Sampha – “Plastic 100°C” (Live Performance)
    Glad to see Sampha starting to come out with new material again. Check out Timmy’s Prayer too if you haven’t yet.
  3. Controlla Remix by Tory Lanez 
    Tory Lanez just remixed one of the few good songs off of Drake’s latest album. Lanez and Drake have apparently had some friction in the past so this is less of an “I love this song and want to show my appreciation for it”  situation and more of an “I’m going to steal your beat” kind of deal. Given how frequently Drake and his OVO crew lift from other artists, I don’t think he can complain too much.

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